The Cocksure Lads


The Cocksure Lads are a Merseybeat band from Newcastle, England. They burst onto the scene in 1963 with their syphilis-themed hit “Baby’s Got a Chancre!” Over the next five years they cracked the top 40 (barely) three times.  By 1966, they had earned enough notoriety for MelodyMaker to call them “England’s sixth biggest band.” They broke up in 1968 after their lead singer, Dusty, high on LSD, mooned the Queen during a command performance.

The Cocksure Lads are also a ‘fake’ band dreamed up by Murray Foster and Mike Ford, both former members of Moxy Fruvous. Both of them had (and have) a passion for early-60’s British pop, and in the early 90’s, just for fun, they began writing songs that were loving send-ups of that genre. By 2010 they had written 25 Cocksure Lads songs, so that summer they went into the studio and recorded “The Greatest Hits of the Cocksure Lads, 1963-1968”.

Now they’ve turned that CD into a live, 3D experience, with the help of notable Toronto musicians Tim Bovaconti (Ron Sexsmith, Burton Cummings) on guitar and Blake Manning (The Heartbroken) on drums.

Their sound is classic 1960’s Britpop – super-catchy tunes to go along with twitty, naïve, funny lyrics. It’s a high-energy, melodic show with witty banter between songs, vintage suits and – of course – fake British accents.

A full-length feature film about the band called “You Gotta Stay Cocksure!” is in the works, written and directed by Foster. Filming starts November 2013.

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