The Jazz Lovers Society

The perfect complement to any event is the music of the Jazz Lovers Society. Led by two-time Juno award winner Fergus Hambleton, the Jazz Lovers Society plays the perfect blend of jazz and classic swing with a little blues on the side. Featuring the great songs of Jerome Kern, George Gershwin, and the other classic songwriters of the 1930′s and 40′s, the Jazz Lovers Society provides music for easy listening, dancing and just plain enjoying! The line-up is versatile – Dick Felix on bass, John Adames on drums and Rick Morrison on saxophones. The group is available as a trio, quartet or quintet, but whatever the configuration, the music is always smooth and easy. The Jazz Lovers Society is a musical way to liven up any special occasion.

Fergus Hambleton

A fixture on the Canadian music scene for the last four decades, Fergus Hambleton is a versatile singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. During his illustrious career, Hambleton has been a leading performer and songwriter in the folk, pop and reggae music arenas. Fronting the Juno Award-winning reggae outfit, The Sattalites, and developing a successful solo career are among his many musical achievements. In the 70’s, Hambleton went on to produce two solo albums for Capitol Canada. These folk-rock albums, All the Right Noises and Town of Fergus were instant successes – the hit single “Ice on the Road” quickly climbed the Canadian radio charts. A third album, Fergusongs, was recorded for the independent label Axe Records, operated by Hambleton’s older brother and noted songwriter/producer Greg Hambleton.

Armed with a life-long quest for knowledge, Hambleton has immersed himself in a wide range of musical interests. He has made a keen study of the history of music, as well as the technology behind the music business and the inter-connections between different styles of music. Hambleton’s solo recording, Snapshots, is the most recent example of his diverse musical abilities. Currently living in Toronto, Hambleton has a busy teaching and performing schedule. In addition to performances with the Jazz Lovers Society, he plays with The Two Bobs, a re-imagining of Bob Marley and Bob Dylan songs, and also has regular appearances with the Sattalites and The Tuesday Night Club.

Dick Felix

Toronto bassist Dick Felix is a member of the Toronto Musicians’ Association and has more than 30 year’s experience as a professional musician, performing in a wide variety of musical styles. Felix has produced and performed on numerous CDs including his original compositions “Chloe’s Dance” and “What’s the Rub”. Focusing primarily on jazz, Felix has worked with many world-renowned musicians, having performed at all of Toronto’s top jazz venues. He has played with world famous jazz greats including Roy Hargrove, Wynton Marsalis, Russell Malone, James Carter and Shirley Horn. Felix is also the co-leader of the “Forth Inversion” jazz quintet, which has performed many concerts at jazz festivals and jazz clubs, including the Ontario Science Centre, U of T’s Hart House, George’s Jazz Club, Bourbon Street and, of course, the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival.

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