The Monkey Bunch


The Monkey Bunch is here to change the way you think about children’s music!  Counting Jann Arden and Ron Sexsmith among their fans, The Monkey Bunch is for parents who love music – and want their kids to do the same.  Their intention is to create music that appeals to both adults and children alike.  They believe children deserve high quality music – just like adults, and should never ever be talked down too – even musically.  The Monkey Bunch have been recognized at the Independent Music Awards, International Independent Music Awards, International Songwriting Competition and Great American Songwriting Competition.  Their sophomore album “Power To The Little People“ was nominated for a 2011 JUNO for Best Children’s Album of the Year.  Today’s Parent calls the record “one of the brightest, spunkiest, quirkiest kids’ records to have come along in a long while.”  Eye Weekly says “Power to the Little People is ridiculously well-produced—zany enough for the kids, with the inventiveness required to also charm adults.”         

The Monkey Bunch are comic genius Shoshana Sperling, musician/songwriter Maury LaFoy and their musical friends.  Sperling is a Toronto writer/performer who has given us character-rich plays, television, and live comedic monologues. LaFoy is a musician/songwriter/producer who has played with the likes of Jann Arden, k-os, Sarah Harmer, Ron Sexsmith and Olivia Newton John.         

Playing a variety of musical styles guaranteed to delight fans of every genre, this four piece band engages kids with musicality and humour, while imparting important educational messages about the environment.  A rock’n’roll band with a social conscience, they inspire children (and their parents) to be active in taking care of the planet we all share.  The Monkey Bunch say: “Our goal is to use authentic music and humour to empower kids to save the world. POWER TO THE LITTLE PEOPLE!”         

 Their high-energy concert will have your kids dancing, rushing the stage and going BANANAS!          

“The Monkey Bunch had children bouncing and singing from the moment they stepped on the main stage of the Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario’s first Ultimate Block Party.  Children and parents loved the high energy of this group of top-notch musicians and performers.  Songs like “Poopie Diaper” and creative stage  antics were out-and-out hilarious!   We have a hunch that you will love The Monkey Bunch!”     

The Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario     

“Shoshana Sperling and Maury LaFoy are a pair of comedians, parents and musicians who drop tracks for children that they’d also like to hear. Wildly inventive, addictive as candy and more fun than a watermelon seed spitting contest, this record is uplifting without being treacly and a celebration of what it feels like to be young. The good guys, it seems, have won.”       

 The National Post       

“This witty musical crew is currently the toast of kidstown, following a residency at the Drake and the release of a sophomore album, Power to the Little People.  Their spirited act, featuring songs such as “Don’t Let Your Cars Idle” and “Poopie Diaper”, draws inspiration from metal, salsa and – believe it or not- Steve Martin.        

Toronto Life Magazine        

“… one of the brightest, spunkiest, quirkiest kids’ records to have come along in a long while.”
Today’s Parent            

“… a veritable romper-room of Sgt. Pepper-ed brass marches, honky-tonk nursery rhymes and monkey-funk… fun for the whole family, honestly.”
Eye Weekley            

“…. the hilariously fabulous Shoshana Sperling and her partner in crime, The Supers’ Maury LaFoy, have done the impossible: created a kids’ album that’s actually great.”
Now Magazine            

“Children have always enjoyed hearing the music of previous generations. They’re going to LOVE this.”
Toronto Star            

“This record is so good.”
Jann Arden            

“Shoshana and Maury have made a wonderfully musical kids album full of wit and charm without any of that ‘goofy’ aftertaste.”
Ron Sexsmith            

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