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The musical prowess and chemistry of The Heartbroken is undeniable.

Like the title of their new album Storm Clouds implies,
this Toronto-based band is a force of nature. They hit hard and don’t hold back. Raw, candid, emotive,
powerful, visceral, haunting…heartbreaking…these words describe everything from the vocals and lyrics to the guitars, drums and bass.

The Heartbroken formed eight years ago almost by accident, with four best friends singing in the kitchen and it just felt so right! Since
then the band released a celebrated debut album, and toured cross-country multiple times, earning many fans, accolades and nominations along the way.

A band built on trust, respect and high-expectations; they empower each other to feel invincible. The impressive results are felt throughout this sophomore album. Everything that made The Heartbroken’s debut so striking is still here, but there is also a whole
new self-assured sound. “We are four very independent people with four very clear visions,” said Peter Fusco. “The visions may start
out diverse, but we somehow meet in the same place.”

For this album they took great effort to capture the boldness
and intensity of their critically acclaimed live shows. Having their own studio, which they named The Boiler House, allowed them the
time to experiment and transform the songs into something more. “We were digging into different sounds and textures,” said Stuart Cameron. “But making sure we would still be able to pull off these really

interesting songs live as a four-piece band without having to add a bunch of backing tracks.”

The Heartbroken self-produced the bulk of the album along,with notable contributions from producers Serena Ryder (“Tearing Me Up” & “One Way Out”) and Gavin Brown (“Going to Hell”). Ryder heard the band trying out some new material live and her reaction
was immediate. “Working with The Heartbroken has been one of the highlights of my career,” said Ryder. “They allowed me the space and gave me their faith to create something I had never had the resources to before. They are amazing – I’m so proud of this track and I can’t wait for the world to hear it!” Her enthusiasm and keen ear for hooks help make “Tearing Me Up” an instant classic and obvious first single.

The atmospheric “One Way Out” is one of the band’s favourite. “Normally when you listen back to your own songs you hear all the flaws and what else you could have done,” said Blake Manning. “But when I listen to this one, I just listen to the song and get wrapped up in the mood of it. It’s a warm hug with teary eyes.”

Each song took its own unique journey. Some like title track “Storm Clouds,” destined to be a live show favourite, actually took years to perfect; while others like “Going To Hell” practically came out fully formed in 20 minutes. The tender magic of ‘Wings Last Fold’

was initially captured on a smart phone right as it came to life, late at night with lots of red wine at Cameron’s old apartment.

Now with the album complete the band is longing to hit the road. “We can’t wait to get back out and play,” said Damhnait Doyle. “For me that is always the most gratifying experience. You can
get isolated when recording an album and the process isn’t without its share of sweat and tears. So when you get back on stage it is so liberating and reminds us of why we love doing this.”

Whether onstage or in-studio, it is evident The Heartbroken
are stronger than ever. Storm Clouds is the band at their best,
carving out their own musical path and filling a void music lovers didn’t even know existed.

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