Welcome to my new site!!!!!

Hello folks,it’s been a long time coming,an arduous journey,a difficult birthing,a creative storm…..well,you get the picture….it’s great to have a place to connect the dots musically and otherwise with y’all…I have a new record coming out in the nearest future (I still call them records but if you know me well you remember that I still listen to my vinyl collection….even purchase new releases on vinyl,it still sounds better to my analog ears!). The album is self-titled with awesome artwork by the amazing Kurt Swinghammer (sonic/visual guru) and photography by Graham Powell (who I’ve  rocked out with as a member of  The Supers) ,mostly self-played with a few special guests including David Madden (trumpeter for Bob Marley and the Wailers),Blake Manning,Kevin Fox,Fergus Hambleton,Jason Wilson,Patrick Allcock (Tim and Pat/Pat and Tim), and James Mckie. The music was all recorded at my home studio (Mountalan Sound).The album was “beautified” and mixed  by Adam Faux.

As well as focusing on my own music I’ve been busy producing for other artists including  Jerry Leger and the Situation and James Mckie. Currently I’m working on an album by The Cocksure Lads,a Mersey Beat-ish combo headed by Murray Foster (Great Big Sea/Moxy Fruvous) and Mike Ford (his self/Moxy Fruvous). Jerry Leger is soon to record an acoustic album at Mountalan Sound.

Recent session work at Mountalan Sound includes pedal steel on Ben Sures’ upcoming release….guitar,bass and pedal steel on Sarah Calvert’s upcoming release….mandolin,pedal steel and electric guitar on the upcoming Jason Wilson/Dave Swarbrick (Fairport Convention) collaborative album amongst other musical treats!!

Some cool upcoming shows include playing guitar with Burton Cummings at his Winnipeg high school reunion (as I said to Burton after we finished our set at the Vancouver Olympics a few months back,”man,if I ever thought I’d end up playing this gig with you!!”….music’s funny like that)…..my own CD release party (date and time to be confirmed soon)…..Gala Day on Ward’s Island (Saturday July 31st at the Ward’s Island Clubhouse,I’ve been playing this annual gig since I was 16 years old!) and (fingers crossed) some touring with Ron Sexsmith and band sometime in the fall.

I’ll be putting some cool videos and pics etc. on the new site (timbovaconti.com) in the near future,please come and say hello!,Cheers,Tim.


The new album is almost finished,one more song to mix with the mastering session booked at Joao Carvhalho’s studion for the end of November 2012.Last month I had the great pleasure of playing guitar at a sold out MOD CLUB in Toronto,backing up Detroit folksinger Rodriguez ( I met him at lunch the day of the gig).Jerry Leger’s new album “Some Folks Know” has just been released to great reviews,another production by Tim Bovaconti, and Burton Cummings’ new live album “Massey Hall” is in the stores now (with Tim on lead guitar throughout) and we’re playing shows with Burton into the New Year, including a New Years’ Eve show in Tacoma,Washington.2013 brings the release of my new self-produced album with mixing again done by my friend Adam Faux with artwork (again) completed my the great Kurt Swinghammer!! I’ll be touring with Ron Sexsmith in Europe and the UK in Feb.-Mar. with the final show on March 7th at the Royal Albert Hall,exciting times!!!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my new site!!!!!

  1. Such a busy guy!
    Where do you get the energy?

    Fantastic site! Attractive, informative and fun.

    See ya at the Great Hall tomorrow night!
    – p.

  2. Good things come to those that deserve it and you, my dear talented friend, deserve it greatly.

    Fun, yet brief, hang with you a couple of nights ago. I tried to give Jeff his bottle of wine at The Pony last night, but then when I talked to him briefly, I forgot again. I’ll drink it and toast you both.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Bover and I wish you nothing but the best always!

  3. Hi Jackie!!,it was fun hanging out with you guys,a nice nite cap….thanks for your kind words,a Merry Christmas to you as well and we’ll see you down the road shortly I’m sure,all the best,Tim.

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